Проснулся я, а я — в раю

vecerinkaO suferit matinca esec blogul tau. Nu s-o integrat in blogosfera moldava, foarte corect. Renunta, Andrei, du-te si invatsa la ASEM. Fa-ti o profesie, de merceolog, de exemplu.

Pesky, stupid, even bold – i wish I’d be like that, someday, transcending into a self-assertive sack of meat displaying nothing but hypocrisy (to elders) and disregard (to younger brethren). Innit gorgeous to be a shabby-wabby, just like you : )

All of your “walking-alone” or “standing-on-your-head” attitude towards life’s problems.. why draggin’ ME in this pointless collision-making process of sheer self denial?

[Oh, have you now stopped reading? Not yet, but intend to do so? Did my long phrases deaden your sense of humor, consume your working hours? Come off it! Go on reading my bullshit – you know these are the only words that could embrace you right now.]

And so we are guilty for disturbances of any kind that you may suffer of. We are the future that you have laid your vengeance upon. (you, of course being the Past, ever-turning from bad to worse). We waste our time, money, computers, to please ourselves (and only!) with a pseudo-literary value of some sort, aren’t we? Or are we… maybe.. funny, funky, cool to hang around with, in your home town?

Googling some data ‘bout this blog of mine, I’ve just discovered that it literally has got he same horoscope sign as yours, or Nietzsche, or even Arthur Miller, innit wonderful? Isn’t it the way you wanted IT to be ? THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD outgrowing frustration of any sort, restless, emotional, highly intelligent !!!

dear ..quarry,  be peaceful and unworried. have a sit, shut up and listen. You have not the remotest idea of how strongly I feel indebted to you, how warm and comforting is your every gesture to me. Technically, I am soooo into you, maybe just like your mom, when advocating for healthy food, thick clothes or well-bred girlfriends. You don’t know how crazily happy I’ll go, if one day, you tell me that the wiki article on fructose malabsorption was written by you.

As a conclusion, on “death”, “failure” or any other blessings you try to inflict on me/my life/this blog, .. this is absolutely not the case. Elusive, amorphous and timeless, me/my words/my life can easily become your new, ultimate and unconditioned(!) God. Unless you acknowledge that you have got no minerals to believe in one.

Now I set you free from reading. Go out and play, or sing a song, or, together with your closest facebook mates, go on celebating the International Procrasturbation Day(s). tschuss!

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