2:02 – 2:38

There are certain traits in human behavior that suck. We might find/create or give reasons why such traits are cool when we do them, but deep down we know that they suck. and that therefore we suck.kunst2

there shall be many people whose first reaction to this post will be: ”why in english? why pretend to be smart? why do you fuck around, as if trying to prove something”. And if ever asked why they allow themselves to attack you  like this, with preconceptions and like a wake of vultures – they shall inevitably say ‘why, are we not allowed?’ (then ask themselves if they knew that a group of vultures is a wake – and the answer is NO; you never did). the same bullshit about the freedom of speech that they don’t, pre-conceptually, attach it to my very own choice of decision mechanism .

There shall be many others who will end up thinking that whatever the language the posts would be into – the whole shebang is just a pile of nonsense. not that i would necessarily disagree, but it kinda pisses me off. it does so because of the inherent trait the persons that get onto (this) blog(s) have: they are bored. they are so bored that they search for something. they are so bored that they decide to search for blogs – and NOT read a book or anything else that they’d consider intellectual. these bored people (you, literally) have no right to pass on judgments. you are nothing but the recipients of my generosity; you get a free ride on my bus; and you have no right to discuss the itinerary that i’ve chosen. you never had this right; your only right was to have a life and not read shit. when you’ve surrendered this right, you became nothing but units in my blog stats; and you shall always come back. because you will always be bored.

there are lots of other stuff that suck. chinise people taking thousand of pictures, expats from Moldova talking in Romanian but adding lots of English or French or whatever in their speach; or worse, moldovan expats who greet you and proceed to talk only in english (omg, americans?); because it’s cool; beep-ing; forgetting to pay for your beer and bugger off; not buying your round of rounds; writing this list; your mum. yeah, your mum probably sucks right now, or she certainly did at one point in her life. why not face it? and most of you will also suck at one point in their lives, so stop fuckin prentending and start DOING it NOW – get some skill at it.


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