ariss barduLaolalta cu re-modernismu, neo-nomenclaturismu si alte românisme de genu, degraba, in magazinele Virgin Records, a’s apara si o polka cu “Filme Inscrise pe DVD pentru Soferi de Curse Lungi”. Cel mai des acestea (filmele in sens ca) o sa aiba cate 12 serii (curse gen: Chisinau – Oradea [la intrarea in Cluj, pe la 6.30AM taman curg ultimele titre]), 6 serii and/or Once upon a time in America (fara sunet!)[curse gen: Chisinau – Praga, Chisinau-Berlin] si ca un indispensabil bonus, acompanimentul audio se va fi alcatuit din ultimele hituri Morandi, sau binecunoscutele balade bandidesti de prin Ural.

Se prea poate ca acest ante-scriptum sa vi se para ironic.

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2 thoughts on “ЕБАТЬ — КАПАТЬ

  1. “Executions are carried out by hanging in a death chamber within the Detention Center. When a death order has been issued, the condemned prisoner is informed in the morning of his or her execution. The condemned is given their choice of the last meal. The prisoner’s family and legal representatives are not informed until afterwards. Since December 7, 2007, the authorities have been releasing the names, natures of crime and ages of executed prisoners.”

    Guess the country ;)
    no google.

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