Вы видели мой Special K

 I’ve done all right. Twelve weeks ago, when it all began, I couldn’t have thought of any outcome. The idea, in itself, was already encompassing everything an idea should have encompassed. It was the beginning of an end of a beginning of an end.

La acea vreme, prietenii mei, вы были подвергнуты to being blindfolded under a reckless bombardment of thought. You strongly believed to the tales as well as to the tellers. În turbulenţele profanate de dispersie digitale de individualităţi am fost singurul to have found a light of wisdom, a flower of the night, blossoming over that bloodshed of reality and dream. Spread Your Wings”, ворвались ваши голоса!  Let the vigor of your youth blow up and shine!” – ‘twas the voice of the night – a shallow but distinct voice, indicating the beginning of an end of a beginning of an end.

Легкая, как дым, my image now comes into view, telling you stories of astonishing beauty. Reverence and joy – ‘tis what I’ve stirred in you, the dearest of my brethren. Eu nu am cerut for believers being sanctified onto my altar, I did not ask for time, or hope or fear, and any of that tiresome bullshit you’ve already swallowed through years of hi5-facebook-universities-low-fare-flights-i-love-you-you-love-me…

Tough, solid and well constructed. Young. Читайте еще раз! If in your office, in a bus or tram – shout it as loud as you can. Жесткий, твердый и хорошо построен. Young! Despite all the efforts to forget or to forgive, you’re still drinking from an empty cup, emotively threading your way along the pavements of a city you don’t belong to. But now, you must loudly applaud yourselves – you saw my EGO landing, my special K, my eyes, my flesh…you smell my treacherous flesh, you have my life you’ve always dreamed of and envied. A life you’ll never drag me out of. И если есть какая-либо want still troubling me, then it’s a strong desire to perpetually reiterate my happiness.

 Hai noroc!

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